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Name: Tank

Product description:

It is suitable for processing manufacturers of dairy, beverage, soy milk, pharmaceutical, winemaking, condiments, flavors and spices, chemical industry, etc. It is used for storage, heating, cooling, dissolution, fermentation, mixing and stirring of all kinds of liquid materials or sauces. Storage tank according to the structure can be divided into open type and closed type; According to the function, it is divided into single layer, with insulation, with sandwich insulation; According to the requirements of the production process, it is divided into with stirring and without stirring. According to customer requirements, made of high quality SUS304 or SUS316 material, volume of 0.2-600m³, customized according to demand. Using CAD mechanical design, automatic spinning flanging, automatic polishing, gas protection welding and other advanced production process to ensure product quality, large containers can be manufactured on site.

Name Hot and cold tank Insulated storage tank Storage tank Fermenter aseptic tank


Volume 0.3-600m³ Customized on demand 0.3-600m³ Customized on demand 0.3-600m³ Customized on demand 0.3-600m³ customized on demand 0.3-600m³ customized on demand

Applicable steam pressure ∠0.098MPa / / ∠0.098MPa ∠0.098MPa

Product 300L 600L 1000L 2000L 3000L 4000L 5000L 6000L 8000L 10000L 15000L 20000L 300L 600L 1000L  2000L  3000L  4000L  5000L  6000L  8000L  10000L  15000L   20000L 300L  600L  1000L  2000L  3000L  4000L  5000L  6000L  8000L  10000L  15000L   20000L 300L  600L  1000L  2000L  3000L  4000L  5000L  6000L  8000L  10000L  15000L   20000L 300L  600L  1000L  2000L  3000L  4000L  5000L  6000L  8000L  10000L   15000L   20000L

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