Product Details

MR6G106 horizontal disc diatomite filter

MR6G106 horizontal disc diatomite filter Product Details

MR6G106 horizontal disc diatomite filter Product Details

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Name: MR6G106 horizontal disc diatomite filter

Product description:

Horizontal disc diatomaceous earth filter is our company through the in-depth study of similar products at home and abroad, especially in improving product quality, increasing output, energy saving aspects of excellence, with superb design and manufacturing technology, developed a new type of stamping horizontal disc filter. The press head on the filter plate replaces the braid-type supporting network, reduces the resistance of the filter flow path, ensures that the flow path is smooth, the filter amount per unit time increases, that is, the production capacity increases, the corresponding washing time is shortened by nearly 1/3, which greatly saves energy, and is a new type of horizontal disc diatomite filter with high yield and low consumption.

Formation, filtration principle and characteristics of horizontal disc filter unit:

The horizontal disc diatomaceous earth filter unit is composed of a superimposed horizontal disc main filter, a diatomaceous earth mixing device, an electric control box and a pipeline valve system. The working principle of the filter is the principle of metal mesh filtration, diatomaceous earth is pre-coated on the metal mesh of the horizontal disk to form a filter layer, and the filtrate such as syrup, beer... Through the filter layer - filter cake, the impurities in the filtrate are intercepted on the filter cake surface, and the clear and clear liquid flows through the filter layer gap through the clear liquid chamber in the filter tray and enters the clear liquid tank by the outlet pipe, which is the whole filtration process.

Features: 1, the filter element structure is scientific and reasonable. 2, compact structure, large output, small footprint.

3. Great potential for increasing production and reducing consumption. 4, high filtration precision, clear wine, good color.

5, cleaning and slag automation. 6, all stainless steel production, good quality, beautiful.

Main technical parameters

Type number

MR6G106 MR6G106

Production capacity 5t/h 10 t/h 15 t/h

20 t/h 25 t/h 30 t/h

Filtration accuracy

0.4 EBC or less

0.4 EBC or less

Maximum filtration pressure

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